Slice Slanted Tweezer RVS

  • Slice Slanted Tweezer RVS
  • Slice Slanted Tweezer RVS

Slanted Tweezer Stainless steel is a unique, award-winning tweezer which has no equal. Perfectly streamlined, ergonomic, hand-cut, contains an extremely sharp tip and a wide, comfortable patented grip for professional precision and is especially for Slice designed by the architect Michael Graves from New York.

The benefits of the Slanted Tweezer:
- Precision is possible by the angled tip;
- Professional quality stainless steel;
- Ideal for precise epilation;
- Safe, can be desinfected;
- Extra wide comfort grip;
- Better grip strength and control;
- Easy to use with arthritis or stiff hands;
- Special design.

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