Slice Toenail Clipper

  • Slice Toenail Clipper
  • Slice Toenail Clipper
  • Slice Toenail Clipper

Nail clippers of high quality stainless steel with extremely sharp straight blades, to cut the toenails and acrylic nails easily with professional precision. The ergonomic nail clippers with soft-touch non-slip coating is designed for secure grip and optimal control. The built-in nail file makes this design of nail clippers the perfect beauty tool for women who value high quality and a beautyfull design.

The benefits:
- Hand cut straight blades;
- Professional-quality stainless steel;
- Can be desinfected;
- Stainless;
- Ergonomic and compact design;
- Magnified strength, precision and comfort;
- Anti-slip finish;
- Built-in nail file;
- Suitable for right- and lefthanded;
- Perfect for stiff or arthritic hands;
- Suitable for acrylic nails.

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