Slice Precision Scissors Narrow

  • Slice Precision Scissors Narrow

Extra sharp, thin and pointed nail scissors with round blades of professional quality stainless steel. The Slice Precision Scissors Narrow is unique thanks to the spring-action handle and durable material. The ergonomic handle is perfect and easy to use for stiff or arthritic hands and provides more power and control. Suitable for both nails and cuticles.

The benefits:
- Extra sharp, thin, pointed tips;
- Professional quality stainless steel;
- Ergonomic handles;
- Perfect for stiff or arthritic hands;
- Better strength and control;
- Can be used as cuticle scissors;
- Suitable for both right- and lefthanded;
- Safe, can be desinfected;
- Ideal for hard to reach narrow areas;
- Reduces fatigue during manicure.

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